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DBPOWER 2.31″ LCD 20MP Touchscreen 4K Action Camera


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  • 4K Ultra-HD Action Cam: 7-layer glass lens, records 4K/24fps, 2.7K/30fps and 20MP photos using a 170-degree wide-angle lens. The DBPOWER 4K sports camera presents you with both high quality videos and pictures.
  • Large 2.31-inch LCD Touchscreen: The Built-in 2.31″ touchscreen for easy preview and shooting, DBPOWER 4K action camera is highly recognized for its stylish, yet solid appearance.
  • Diverse Functions: Anti-shake DSP & WDR provides a clearer picture for motion shots and it has a motion detection function. Supports up to 64GB microSD card(CARD NOT INCLUDED).
  • WiFi & 30M waterproof camera: Remote controllable over Wi-Fi by using the CamKing app, which also offers instant photo and video editing. Wi-Fi signal ranges up to 10 meters. A waterproof case allow you to dive 30 meters under the water, making it possible for you to capture every moment of adventures, ideal for Extreme Sports such as surfing, diving etc.

2833 in stock

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7 reviews for DBPOWER 2.31″ LCD 20MP Touchscreen 4K Action Camera

  1. H. Morris

    Nice product
    Purchased this to make a VLOG for a two week trip my wife and I took to Bali and Thailand. Great quality videos and pictures. My only complaint is the short battery life. An additional battery is included which helps,but it would be best if you have an external battery pack with you.

  2. D J

    For the money, I think this is about as good as it gets
    You can actually change the viewing angle so you’re not stuck with a ridiculous fish-eye effect and lately I’ve been using it at 110 degrees for my dashcam footage
    Tried out all the modes and it seems like five minutes of 30fps 1080p is around 500MB and at 30fps 720 it’ll run you about 240MB for five minutes – this gives you plenty of leeway for a 32GB card (seemingly the most economical for now)
    Battery lasts 45-70 minutes depending on the mode and length of videos – I noticed better results after wearing them down and fully charging a few times
    Already ordered a second, because this thing turned out better than expected!

  3. Alan Carrizales

    You can’t believe the picture is take for this camera, I with my friend go camp, I use this camera didn’t disappoint me. So amazing!

  4. RD

    Cool Camera, great for the money. Battery lasts pretty long time, comes with a lot of useful accessories.

  5. Kevin Hsieh

    I’ve used this Camera a few times now and found it to be brilliant! The camera settings are easy to use and the touch screen is really handy.
    The picture quality is excellent, with the 4K resolution. And the build quality is really good too. And for the price of this camera compared with a much more expensive GoPro, you’re getting amazing value for money and fantastic camera that you can use in the water, on a bike, hiking or anywhere else you can think of!
    The range of attachments and accessories that come with the CAMERA is pretty good as well! I can’t see how you’d go wrong with this camera and can’t recommend it enough.

  6. Dan Mitchell

    If you want all the features of a state-of-the-art action cam, and even a zoom, but don’t need a touchscreen, then this is the camera for you. With the four buttons you have easy access to all functions – even when in then waterproof case. You can even use the zoom while diving.
    It provides grat still images and awesome videos up to 4K quality. Lots of settings and special shooting modes available. It also comes with lots of accessories and an extra battery and also a bike mount. It does have a tripod mount, which makes it very easy to attach it almost everywhere – including your bike without extra frame or case.

  7. Michael A. Lafleur

    Just finished a week at a popular Utah National Park that has many off road opportunities in the park and the surrounding areas. I used this camera to film about 2 hours of video, plus 50-60 photos. The videos are 5 star. Using the Gyroscope and anti shake features, the picture remains stable. Color and quality of HD was incredible. The wide angle lens produced a get aspect from filming on a windshield mount. It does use up battery fast, so I was glad I ordered extra batteries plus USB charger that I could charge from auto dashboard.

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