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DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor with Two-way and Talk-back Intercom System


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TWO-WAY, TALK-BACK INTERCOM: The system allows you to communicate with your baby and soothe your newborn’s distress with the sound of your voice from another room.
LULLABY PLAYING FUNCTION: Lull your baby to sleep with one of 6 polyphonic lullabies or comfort him/her when he/she wakes up.
LONG OPERATING RANGE: The enhanced 2.4 GHz digitized and encrypted transmission system ensures privacy and security, providing clear audio transmission for up to 1,000ft (300m) unobstructed range.
ALWAYS CONNECTED TO YOUR BABY: The parent unit will alert you when your monitor is out of range or low power, thus making sure you are always connected to your baby.
RECHARGEABLE BATTERY OPERATED PARENT UNIT: The DBPOWER Sound Baby Monitor features a rechargeable wireless parent unit so you can do other tasks such as chores and housework or take a nap in your room.


Out of stock

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The DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor means you are always connected with your little one with it. This digital baby monitor uses encrypted 2.4GHz technology to ensure your transmission is protected against interference and eavesdropping. Plus, it features a two-way, talk-back intercom with up to 1,000 feet in range (unobstructed), so you can talk and soothe your child from anywhere in your home.

Reliable & Secure Connection to your Baby
2.4GHz technology provides low interference & high privacy
Perfect clear sound due to digitized and encrypted transmission system
Constantly changing display indicates if the baby makes noise
Beep alert helps you to ensure your monitor is in range and connected
Comforting lullabies to calm your little one
Lock / Unlock button for extra peace
Page/Find function fits baby as well as parent
Hi/Low sensitivity for far/close sound detect range
Belt clip for easy-carrying

Freedom and flexibility
Range up to 1,000ft in open area
3 supplied rechargeable batteries for parent unit
Instant dim mode for a peaceful night
Easy-carry belt clips for traveling or working

In the Box:
1*Baby unit
1*Parent unit
2*AC adapters
1* Rechargeable battery (Pack of 3)
User manual (English & German)



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10 reviews for DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor with Two-way and Talk-back Intercom System

  1. Maximo

    3 stars…This is a great option as a secondary monitor system

  2. Annabel B

    I’ve been looking for a sound monitor for awhile before we took our vacation. I’m so glad I went with this one. We had no problems at all and the sound was so clear. The size was perfect to travel with and didn’t take up much room at all in my suitcase.Great monitor!

  3. Bruce

    This baby monitor is simple, and that’s my favorite part about it! Easy to use. It works as it should – can hear fine through the parent’s device. It has the ability to play music on the baby’s device if you choose (set up from the baby’s device or remotely from the parent’s device), or speak to the baby from the parent’s device. It’s nice to have the extra features.

  4. garcia

    So far this monitor has been great. Easy to use and set up..Good Baby Monitor

  5. iris

    I actually purchased this monitor for my husband’s grandparents. After his grandfathers second fall outside and his grandmother not hearing him yell for her while she was inside, I thought this might be a good solution. I read the reviews on several different devices and ultimately went with this one. We are very very pleased with this monitor! They keep one outside on the back porch and one inside. The sound quality is fantastic and very clear! I cannot believe how much and how far away you can hear with this. We did several tests to make sure this would work for their needs and with over an acre of land, while standing as far back on the property as we could, the sounds of yelling for help were loud and clear!!! I would definetly recommend these monitors especially for the price!

  6. Antonia Watson

    This is a great monitor and easy to use. It comes with rechargeable batteries that goes in the main monitor and the battery power lasts more than 3 hours. The monitor lights up when there’s sound so you can see when the volume is not up or on. The only thing I don’t like is the monitor in the babies room also lights up but that is easily covered.

  7. Shari Cummings

    I have twins who went through an evasive surgery from hips to ankle and there was going to be a time period between discharge home, till inpatient therapy. They share a large bed but it wasnt going to work having to squeeze between the two to lift them on and off the bed to help them to the bathroom and such, so I bought these and separated them into two rooms. As i would spend time with one, i would keep the other in the other room. Gave them a moment to also talk to each other time to time. Later when they were admitted into inpatient intense therapy at the hospital, I took the monitors with me as well. I stayed with them during a whole month and a half. The hospital could not give them a room they could share, but they placed them in separate rooms across the hall from one another. At times one could be in a wheelchair and go spend time with his brother while i could take a break. Again leaving the monitor in with them and the other with me. It helped a whole lot, especially with me being able to see what they would want when they would call me instead of me racing back and forth for nothing.

    The Pro’s I like with these is both monitors can work off batteries, though I never had to use batteries with both. The set comes with rechargeable batteries only for the parent unit, which was a little saddening. Was hoping for both. But non the less you can always buy rechargeable for the baby monitor if needed.
    Biggest plus was being able to talk back through the parent monitor. Would be nice if they allowed it on the baby monitor as well. I doubt a baby would push the button but if another parent was in the room for a second and needed to talk to the other it would be nice. Or in my situation one brother to another. But its not a real big deal if it wasnt there.

    Con’s: The volume was not as loud as I hopped. But my boys were not going to be screaming at the top of their lungs or crying that loud like a baby. One of my sons talks softer than the other. I had to constantly tell him to yell, which he still would never do.
    I had to also have the monitor super close to my son just to be able to hear him when he called my name. Even the one that was louder than him, I would have to set the monitor on the bed. Then i could hear them clear enough. I would expect such a monitor could be set on a dresser and could catch the noises they made. Either way not too disappointing but maybe my kids are just not loud enough.

    Though not a con but one of my sons did not like that digital face that would pop on when he would talk. He acted as if it frightened him if the monitor was in his room next to him at night. The blue light would light up and the face would change from a peaceful sleep with a smile to a unhappy face with tears.

    Over all very happy with the way it works and the job it did. Would definitely recommend it to any friends who had a baby or get it for them as a gift.

  8. Eunice Porter

    This is a great option as a secondary monitor system. I have a fancier camera monitor system that’s set up in my sons room (that stays in place) but I was looking for something simple to have when he falls asleep anywhere else in the house. These serve that purpose perfectly! Super easy to use and set up – easy to change out the batteries too. Sound and volume are great quality – love the belt clip option too – makes me feel at ease going to do a chore while baby is asleep in the other room.

  9. Laurie 34

    These little walkie talkies have slowly become one of our best baby purchases. I’m not sure why baby monitors are pure crap but we spent over $300 on a Samsung with all the bells and whistles. 6 months later the power port literally fell out of the housing. I decided to get a nest cam for the video and this item for the audio. This duo has worked perfectly. Great range, Noise detection and they are rechargeable, although only one comes with rechargeable batteries.

    The only puzzling thing is that there appears to be two versions. One has a temperature monitor and one does not. They are also visually different. The one I have looks like the advertised units. If you look at some of the pics from the customers that talk about temperature, theirs are different. It would be nice if this disparity was explained….

  10. Alonzo Green

    These baby monitors have good features the battery life is good in the range seems to be pretty fair also.

    We kept encountering a problem with ours where you would have to take the batteries out to reset it. It would show to be on and connected and the sleeping baby face on the monitor display but it would not actually be monitoring anything. Which pretty much defeats the purpose of having a baby. When this glitch happens you can’t even shut the baby monitor off without taking the battery out.

    Also these plug into USB style plugs, which is fine, Except they plug in to the end of the wall adapter instead of the side so the plug and core stick out from the wall a good 4-5″ or more. This creates quite a gap between the wall and say a dresser if you have to plug it in behind something.

    I would return these but I bought them so long ago they’ve set in the closet for 8 months before I actually used them that they are no longer eligible to return

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