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DBPOWER Digital Laser Measure 197FT/ 60M LCD Screen


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  • Full feature offering includes area, distance, length, volume, continuous measurement, addition and subtraction, Pythagorean method-three points. Measuring distance extends to 197 feet.
  • Activate the laser and watch the measurements move in real time as you move closer and farther from the target, just like a tape measure. Hold the measurement by pressing the measure button again.
  • The minimum/maximum measurement mode comes in handy when evaluating the shortest and longest distances from a fixed point, making it ideal for use when measuring plumb lines (minimum) and diagonals (maximum)!
  • Backlight for increased visibility in low-light conditions. Fits comfortably in hand and easily in pocket. 3 AAA batteries required (trial batteries included, best with Polaroid AAA batteries)
  • Extreme accuracy, measures to within 1/13″.


Out of stock


DBPOWER 197FT/ 60M Digitial Distance Laser Measure

The DBPOWER Distance Laser Meter is an easier, faster and more accurate way to measure. It delivers laser precision technology and real-time measurement mode, taking instant and reliable measurements up to 197 feet, so one person can size up the job in seconds.

  • Precision Measuring Technology
  • Handyinimum/maximum measurement
  • Backlight display offers easy and convenient viewing
  • Pocket size for easy access anywhere
  • Multiple measurement feature
  • Battery Life: up to 5000 times of measuring

Multiple Measurement:

Area measurement

Automatic calculation of area: Press measure button twice, it indicates the length and?width, then calculate the area automatically.

Indirect Pythagoras Measuremen

Indirect Pythagoras Measurement: It can measure the hypotenuse and one vertical length, then calculate the automatically.

Volume measurement

Automatic calculation of volume: Press measure button three times, it indicates the length, width and height, then calculate the volume automatically.

Front reference point and back reference point

Measure from the front and the back reference point, indicates two different results.



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9 reviews for DBPOWER Digital Laser Measure 197FT/ 60M LCD Screen

  1. wesley

    Needed a laser measure device for my dome house since it is tough to get a tape measure reading on a tall ladder — 20ft up on a ladder is nowhere to drop your tool! This will solve my problems. Came with everything I needed; the unit, batteries, pouch and the manual. Had to read it for a minute or three to understand how to work it, but I’m super happy with my new toy! Just hold it level, point at the wall I need to measure and press the button. Measured and recorded, easy, peasy as that! Great product at a very attractive price!

  2. Ruby-Leigh

    It seems easy to use with little or no instructions. The switching of units is easier than some units. The only issue was first learning to turn it on but after reading the instructions was no problem.

  3. samuel w.

    I am a real estate broker and have need of a measuring tool that is accurate, user-friendly, and able to store multiple measurements. My DBPOWER is the perfect solution. Clear screen readouts. Perfect size. What else could I ask for?

  4. simmon

    Nice product. Great features. Tried the same measurements several times. Came back within a few inches at close to 50 ft. The bad. It is hard to hold it steady, aim it then hit the measurement button. Button needs a little pressure which makes it wobble. Took me several attempts to get a reading trying to hold it steady. It is not easy to get a reading. When you do, it’s accurate. It’s awkward and takes 2 hands to perform the function. I give it 3 stars

  5. Charlie S.

    Works like a charm. Helping friend find home and it has been easy to measure their things to see about fitting in possible homes. If some areas aren’t measured in said homes, this is a breeze.

  6. Jeanne Gibson

    This thing is amazing! We do a lot of remodeling in my home and haging things up so when I saw someone have this at my job when measuring a room for repairs I had to have one too! It can accurately provide the footage of a room or a space for you. It also came with a carrying case (a nice plus) and also BATTERIES! (which is awesome!) Also some easy to read instructions. It fits very nice in your hand when you hold it, it’s not heavy at all very lightweight.

  7. Jerry Tan

    Great gadget!! Moved into our new home a few months ago and still was waiting on hubby to measure kids room for new furniture. I came across this digital measure after looking at a few. I’m not good with the tape measure and this is perfect because it stored my measurements. Came with everything I needed, the batteries, carrying pouch and the info booklet. Had to read it for a minute to understand how to work it, but I’m super happy with my purchase!!! Hold it level point at the wall I need measured and easy as that!!! Great product at a great price!

  8. Marko E.

    This has both saved me a ton of time and frustrated me since I bought it. You should google the manual, as directions on paper are very poor translation. The manual you will likely find, though, will be off in at least one respect: THIS unit stores data backwards, up to 20. So to find the last two things you measured, you have to beep through 18 previous screens… it can be confusing if you’ve taken half a doze measurements before you go back to you plans. Also, I’ve not been able to just bulk erase those 20 screens… also a time waster. I get a lot of error messages on this (i.e., repeated no readings) at distances beyond 25′. I don’t have a surveyor’s tripod, but use a 2×2 with two diagonal struts at the bottom to steady it… not good enough. Finally, it seems to burn through batteries more quickly than you’d expect for a digital device. I mean less than 200 readings. I use rechargeable, but tried regular lithium last time time to see if that was the catch. Nope. I’m on here now, because I was thinking about just buying another product – but HEY! I just tried it inside for a dozen readings (up to 29 feet) and not problems, even with a quiver in my hand. I’m staying with 4 stars for now.

  9. ashley

    My husband has recently become Mr. DIY, which is mostly a good thing, but I can’t stand when he constantly complains. He was supposed to start redoing our downstairs floors last month, but he kept putting it off because he didn’t want to take the measurements. So I searched and found this measuring device! He was able to take the measurements so fast with this unit. He ordered the material and is cutting the new baseboards and molding while the floor boards accumulate to the house temp. So far all the measurements are spot on! Bonus – it comes with a great and durable case! So excited to get this project moving along. Thank you!!!

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