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DBPOWER T21 Mini Projector


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  • UPGRADED FOR A BRIGHTER IMAGE: This is DBPOWER T21 Projector latest upgraded and is now 10% brighter than previous models, making it better and brighter than comparable projectors on the market. lightweight and portable, suitable for outdoor projection.
  • EASY CONNECTION AND MIRROR DISPLAY: This projector can be connected by USB cable so you can display video from your smartphone, tablet or iPod touch, You don’t need a Wi-Fi environment or HDMI adapter. Real-time synchronization, convenience and stability.
  • LATEST LED TECHNOLOGY MAKES IT SOFTER ON YOUR EYES: The DBPOWER T21 projector has upgraded LED technology. It uses the latest LED passive reflected light technology, making the light softer and easier on the eye for a better visual experience.
  • AMAZING VIEWING EXPERIENCE: With a projector distance of 1.5-5m, an image size of 32” to 176” can be achieved. For the best viewing experience, we recommend a projector distance of 2-2.5m with an image size of 130”. first-class home cinema experience.
  • SUPPORTS HDMI VIDEO FOR VERSATILITY: It??s not only your smartphone screen that you can project. Using an HDMI cable, you can connect it up to your TV, computer, smart box, VCD/DVD player and much more, giving you a high-definition video experience.


341 in stock

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Q1. Why should we choose a video projector which is easy to connect and has mirror display?
1) You don’t need an HDMI adapter or wireless dongle
2) It does not occupy your Wi-Fi bandwidth

Thanks to DBPOWER??s advanced technology, the T21 projector offers a top home cinema experience for a very reasonable price. High-fidelity images offer superior quality and convenience of use. As well as this, you can connect it with your smartphone or tablet via USB cable.

Q2. Why choose the DBPOWER T21 portable mini projector?
1) Convenience of use: by simply using a USB cable, you can project your smartphone or tablet screen.
2) Compared to wireless projectors, the T21 uses less energy, making it better for the environment and your pocket!
3) Its operation is also smoother and dongles or HDMI adapters are not needed anymore!
4) The latest LED passive reflected light technology offers a longer service life and is brighter than other projectors.
5) Pure copper heat dissipation technology provides higher efficiency, meaning the fan noise is lower than other similar LED projectors.

2. Specifications:
TFT LCD imaging technology
Upgraded +10% luminosity
1000:1 contrast ratio
16:10 aspect ratio
1.4:1 projection ration
800×480 native resolution
1920×1080 supported resolution
15?? manual keystone correction
1.5-5 meter throw distance
32-176-inch screen size

3. Reminders:
1) Please turn on wireless hotspot or Airplay when connecting with smartphones.
2) To connect the mini video projector with PCs and laptops, please adjust the PC/laptop??s display resolution to 800*600 or 1024*768 for best clarity.
3) Dolby sound is not supported. If there??s no sound, please turn off Dolby Digital in devices such as Apple TV, Blu-Ray players and Amazon Fire Stick etc.

4. Package contents:
1 x DBPOWER mini projector
1 x Remote control (battery not included)
1 x 3-in-1 AV cable
1 x HDMI cable
1 x User manual



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3 reviews for DBPOWER T21 Mini Projector

  1. Ayen

    Great picture, vivid color and very user friendly… I was impressed by the clarity and colors. I didn’t have high hopes in this price range.

  2. Kourtney

    I use this projector to watch movies outside. Need to hook up an external speaker but other than that the regular sound is ok for quiet settings. Picture is clear and crisp I own a $500 projector and they are about the same minus a zoom feature. Love the headphone jack on the side but would like a 3.5mm output for a speaker or sound system, going off of the headphone jack gives it just a little bit more sound but still have to concentrate a little on the sounds. Used a bluetooth speaker with a hook-up to the headphone jack and it was good enough for watching on the side of a building with 6 people.

  3. michael jo

    I think it goes without saying that this is not a top of the line, $1000 projector, and I did not expect it to be. I mostly bought this as a toy, something for me to project my fantasy football scores on the wall next to my TV so I could see both at the same time. Not only does it work, but actually, it’s much better than I thought it would be. The iPhone screen sharing really does work, the build quality seems good, the brightness is good enough for a dim room (though it looks amazing in the dark). My only caveats are: 1. the focus is fiddly, you’ll have to have a steady hand to get it just right; 2. The fixed length, wide angle lens makes the throw distance really short– if you want a smaller image, you’ll need to move the projector closer to the screen/wall/whatever than you might like to; 3. I wish it were a little brighter, but again, I didn’t expect top of the line performance for this price.

    An added plus– my kids love it. They like to see all their favorite phone apps up on the wall blown up to be huge. The simple colors and graphics look stellar on this thing. I also use a star map app with the projector and put the night sky up on my daughter’s ceiling at bedtime; it’s not something you could leave running because of the noise and heat, but it’s a fun division for the kids. I feel like I’ve already got well more enjoyment out of this than I paid for it.

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