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DROCON DC-014 Drone White


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  • 720P FPV HD WI-FI CAMERA: The sky’s the limit with this 720p/30fps HD camera. Get an awesome perspective from the air and record wonderful moments. The 120-degree wide-angle lens captures true color and panoramic views that will amaze. Great for travel, parties, sports and adventures.
  • ALTITUDE HOLD MODE FOR EASY CONTROL: Equipped with an advanced barometer, this drone can perform altitude hold for more stable flight. Beginners can easily get to grips with it and be taking stunning pictures and video from the sky in no time!
  • APP CONTROL: Operate your drone through the app after connecting it with your phone via Wi-Fi, offering you real-time image transmission so that you can easily shoot fun video and pics to share with your friends and family.
  • FOLDABLE DESIGN: Foldable and flexible blades make this drone small and portable. It is easy to take with you so that you can create your own little air show anywhere you like.
  • NEW TO DRONES? NO PROBLEM: The headless mode function, one-key take-off/landing and altitude hold function truly allow for easier operation, which makes flying this drone a breeze for any level of player.

1016 in stock

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Main Features

120°FOV Wide-angle Wifi Camera

FPV Real-time Transmission

Altitude Hold Function

Powerful Battery

One Key Take Off & Landing

Multiple Speed Control

6 Axis Gyro

Headless mode

One key return

3D Flips

720p/30fps HD Camera

720p/30fps HD Camera

Equipped with a 120° FOV wide-angle Wi-Fi camera, simply connect your phone, the newest Optimized Camera with 90°Adjustable Angle gives you a live video of everything drone camera sees as you fly.

720p/30fps HD Camera
Altitude Hold Mode
3 Speed Modes
Operation with Remote&Mobile

Advanced Features

battery drone

Gravity Sensor Mode



Replacing the battery on this drone is simple and easy, meaning you can continue having fun without the need to charge the drone.


The Gravity Sensor Mode enables the NINJA drone to automatically follow the direction you move your phone. That’s very cool! You can also fly it by your fingers controls on the phone screen.


This drone will amaze you by performing a cool 3D flip at the press of button. And the 6-axis gyro flying control system allows you to easily achieve stable flight resulting in better and clearer pictures.




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3 reviews for DROCON DC-014 Drone White

  1. Rose M.

    Ok, I have to start off by referring you to RCSaylors (look up their review on YouTube) who rightly call this drone “historic”. If you plan on participating in the incredibly fun hobby of flying quadcopters, you simple have to own a Bugs3. Let me explain why. I’ve never owned a muscle car. Closest I came to experiencing that was driving my cousin’s 3-on-the-tree Chevy Chevelle 454 way back in the day. Well… When I fly this little drone I’m totally reminded of the blow-your-hair-back feeling of punching the accelerator of a vehicle with some serious horsepower. When you peg the sticks on this bird its smooth brushless motors sound like a jet engine on takeoff. Amazing! You hit the gas and the next thing you know it’s a little speck up there and you’re thinking, “Crap! How did it get so high so fast?” Which is how I lost my first one. Total rookie mistake, not the drone’s fault. So I bought another one. Fair warning, if you’re a beginner like me get a little trainer like the Holy Stone HS 170 to learn with before you tackle this tiger coz it doesn’t have any GPS features to bail you out. It’s just you, the sticks, and a lot of raw power. Which equals a whole lot of FUN!

  2. Daniella

    This is a great little drone for someone just getting started with them. One important note, if you are looking for a drone that will hold altitude and attitude and hover in one place without drifting, this isn’t that drone. It will drift some, even if you use the trim controls. You will need to maintain control of it.

  3. lee

    Very durable product. Excellent present for a beginner. It would be nice if there was the ability on the app to see the last know gps coordinates of the drone. On our first flight, the drone got away from us since we are not experienced on flying. It went across a field and finally landed near a river. We finally found it, but it did take some time to locate. Customer service has been great with answering our questions (we used live chat). If you have never flown before, make sure you have plenty of room and don’t go too high. Practice on how to orient the drone and practice flying forward and in reverse. Love this product and how it creates it own wifi that your phone can connect to so that it can stream live video and pictures.

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