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Koios Ultrasonic Cool Mist 4L Humidifier

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(10 customer reviews)
  • Perfect for Home and Office-Koios humidifier has 4L large capacity and supports 16 hours constant work, which could bring you all day freshness with only one time water filling, and the machine will automatically stop working when no water remained.
  • Top Fill Water?? Add water from the top directly or put forward the water tank to add water, which are convenient and effectively avoid water leaking. You can add water into top fill humidifier at the same time watching your favorite TV show.
  • Multi-Function-6 smart touchable buttons in cool mist humidifier with 6 modes. Real-time humidity on the screen and 3 adjustable mist levels. Humidistat mode to keep the right humidity. Sleep mode offers a comfortable environment for your sweet dream. Anion function produces fresh anions Timer can be programmed from 1 to 12 hours.
  • Open Water Tank- The wide opening water tank makes it easy for you to clean every nook and cranny of the tank completely. Built-in cotton filters purify water before it is diffused. Three air filters under the humidifier clean the air wind.
  • Ultra-Silent??The whisper-quiet humidifier is very quiet in the operation, which won’t interrupt your working or ruin your sweet dream. ??NOTE??Please wait for 30-60 seconds after you put the water tank into the base to turn on the humidifier for the first time. And the EI code indicates no water in the tank or fail in misting, there is the solution to EI code in the description part.

Out of stock


Koios humidifier decreases the risk of illness and disease and helps relieve dry, irritated skin, to ensure your home’s optimal humidity level. With a large 4L tank, powerful mist output, this aesthetically pleasing humidifier is packed with smart features that make it the perfect solution for improving your room air quality.

Adjustable Mist Levels

3 adjustable mist levels.
Control the mist amount with low,middle,and high settings.

Sleep Mode

Indicator light will be dim and whisper quiet, and offer a comfortable environment for you, when the sleep mode is open.

Easy to Clean

Because of the wide opening design, you can clean every nook and cranny of the water tank completely by your hand directly, instead of harmful chemical agents.

Timing Control

Features a built-in timer that can be programmed anywhere from 1 to 12 hours; the humidifier will automatically turn off when the timer has finished counting down.

Solutions to EI code
1. Take out the brush below the water tank and try to start it again, sometimes the brush is not in the proper position.
2. Pour enough water into the tank and set aside for 30 seconds to 60 seconds, let the water goes down to touch the atomized tablets, then power on the machine.
3. Please check if the water tank is placed into the base completely.
4. Please note that do not pour water into the tank through the mist outlet which will stop the running of the machine.
If you can not still solve the problem, please message or email.



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10 reviews for Koios Ultrasonic Cool Mist 4L Humidifier

  1. brock

    I’m so happy I found this beautiful humidifier! Yes I said beautiful! It’s extremely aesthetically pleasing!! I may purchase even another as it looks so nice!! It’s super quiet, I literally cannot hear it. It’s easy to refill! The front is nicely illuminated with the humidity percent reading as well. Excellent product.

  2. Shiela

    This product function without any noise. It can install high volume of water, providing multiple services in different atmosphere. I think it’s easy to use.

  3. leyton

    I bought 3 different humidifiers, and this one by far is the most simple to use and produces a lot of steam. It has a dial that adjusts the level of steam to any setting you want, not just 2 or 3 preset steps. Great product, great value for the money. I returned the other two, kept this one.

  4. Gordon .34

    The humidity can be off up to 5% from what the manual states. For instance I have the Nest Thermostat and currently the inside humidity in my home reads at 61%. The Koios Humidifier reads the humidity in my home as 64%. It’s quiet and easy to clean. So far I’m enjoying my humidifier.

  5. doug242

    This is my first humidifier and so far it’s working as it should. It has features to control the amount of mist comes out, timer feature, negative ions, sleep mode and control the amount of humidity you want to have.

  6. lester

    I purchased this product because I have severe allergies and sinusitis issues. And this product has been highly effective in alleviating my discomforts. In addition, it is super energy efficient and the features are fantastic to maintain the proper level of humidity within the air. Do not hesitate to purchase this product, it’s the best I have experienced!

  7. Conner

    This was a great product overall, and it was very easy to use. It was also easy to clean. I would recommend this item to people who wants a quiet humidifier and a strong one as well.

    It had simple instructions, and all you had to do was add water and turn it on and it starts on its own. You can adjust the amount of mist you want to come out.

  8. eli corren

    i purchased 2 of these. one for my mom and my mother in law. they both love it. it does make a huge difference breathing much fresher air.

  9. breanna

    This humidifier is very neat, the ability to see the humidity level and keep the humidity at whatever percentage you want are very useful features. It’s super easy to fill since you can remove the reservoir. It has a sleep mode, where the light is dimmer and it hasn’t bothered me. The humidifier stopped working efficienctly, because I had been using tap water. just splashed a little bit of vinegar into the water and let it run for a bit and it was good as new.

  10. sean

    This is a great humidifier. It has an easy set up, and the directions are very easy to read. It has a timer setting, sleep setting, adjustable humidity setting and an adjustable mist setting. It has a setting called Anion that releases negative ions to clean and feshen the air which is great! I was expecting something smaller so I may not use it every night like I had hoped(for skin and breathing purposes)because it won’t fit on my nightstand with everything else. Other than that, I like it alot!

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