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Intelligent Nose Trimmer Water Resistant with LCD Screen 1 Button Lock

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(9 customer reviews)
  • Big smart LCD display screen of this nose hair trimmer for men shows the remaining capacity of battery. You can monitor the battery anytime and avoid hair clogging effectively. Attention: 1 AA alkaline battery (LR6) is required to start the device.
  • MiroPure men??s grooming trimmer has advanced arc cutter head with curved, hypoallergenic, stainless-steel dual-edge blades that can remove nose, ear and unwanted facial hair like individual stray eyebrows and detail mustaches and beards.
  • Unique 1 Button Lock and 5 Minutes Timing Auto-Shutdown function: when the electric nose hair trimmer keeps running for 5 minutes, it will automatically shut down. By long pressing the power button you can easily activate and deactivate the lock function. So it can effectively avoid unnecessary waste of battery and extend your real use time.
  • With the improved Rotary Cutting Blade System with Safety Cone, MiroPure nasal hair trimmer will bring you clean painless and smooth cut by guiding the hair from top and sides into blades while retaining the optimal volume of hairs for the nose’s natural filtering.
  • Fully water resistant and washable ear and nose hair trimmer is easy to clean, just rinse the trimmer head under under warm running water after use. 100% waterproof hair remover for wet/dry nose and ear clipping and trimming convenience. Powered by one AA-size battery. 360 day, no-questions asked money back guarantee.



2558 in stock


Make You Stylish Anytime and Anywhere

MiroPure is made to give you fashionable, clean and neat appearance. Different from traditional electric nose hair remover, MiroPure water-Resistant Nose Hair Trimmer is able to monitor the battery anytime, control the power consumption and extend the real use time efficiently. At the same time, it??s perfect for detailing your eyebrows, trimming your nose & ear hair and other unwanted hair.

Dual-Edge Blade & Rotary Blade System

Our wet dry nasal hair trimmer and personal groomer is equipped with ultra-sharp and durable Dual-Edge stainless steel blades of outstanding strength and speed that softly and easily cut unwanted nose or ear hair from a variety of angles while protecting your skin from pain or injury. Improved cyclone blade action of the rotary blade system brings you efficient and precious trimming with no pulling sensation.

Battery LCD Display

Unique intelligent LCD screen of the men and women’s nose hair trimmer helps you check the remaining capacity of battery effectively. Each circle represents 25% of the quantity of electricity.

1 Button Lock & 5 Minutes Timing Auto-Shutdown

After the electric nose hair trimmer keeps running for 5 minutes, it will automatically shut down. The center icon of the LCD screen is the “lock” symbol and is only displayed when the lock function is activated. When the appliance is turned off, long press the power button to activate the lock function. If the appliance is turned off and unlocked, short press the power button to turn on the appliance. So even if you forget to turn it off or accidentally press the power button when you are on the go, you don??t have to worry about unnecessary waste of battery.

Streamline Design, Cordless Operation

Streamlined ergonomic contour fits naturally in one hand. The lightweight and compact nose and ear clipper fits perfectly into luggage and bags.



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9 reviews for Intelligent Nose Trimmer Water Resistant with LCD Screen 1 Button Lock

  1. gilbert

    It’s so light and quiet that I didn’t think it was actually “trimming” anything (nose hair) until I removed it and checked. Nose hairs GONE! Very impressed. I was skeptical at first since all these $20 ones break or die after first use and barely trim anything, but I would recommend this one.

  2. zaira

    I got this for my husband. He was very pleased with it. It removed hair quickly without pulling the hair. Easy to hold & clean. Highly recommended.

  3. Joseph

    Excellent product at a really competitive price, easy to use and plain easily understood manual. I would not hesitate recommending this product

  4. roshni

    So I have this amazing man that I have been married to for 42 years…but the last 10 he has become part gorilla sporting the most disgusting nose and ear hairs… they grow thick and long. Since using this ear and nose trimmer I have got my slick looking man back. He loves this tool and states it removes the hair close to these sensitive areas without any pulling or tugging. Great Product we both HIGHLY recommend!

  5. Althea

    I used to have another Hair Trimmer, that cost me couple more bucks purchased at departamental store, this one worked far better than the other.

    It have more power than the other, their motor sounds better/faster/stronger, I really glad to try this new one.

    Worked well, it didn’t hurt me; recommended!

  6. marbehlou

    Bought this for my boyfriend. He’s exceptionally hairy and always had a problem with his nose hair sticking out.. He is a lot less self conscious about it now and his nostrils are clutter free! Lol I like that it’s battery operated, because we can just use rechargeable batteries. Win/Win!

  7. Swan 23

    This product is amazing. No more struggling with the scissor to cut nose hair. Its quick and easy to use. Moreover its washable and waterproof for easy maintenance. And what more could you ask for from a $10 product than the lifetime warranty.

  8. Carolina Marney

    I brought it for my husband and he has been enjoying the trimmers. He said they are lite weight, quiet and do not pull his nose hair as he’s trimming. Awesome product.

  9. bazzer55

    Seems much better made than those cheapo ones that you see in poundstretchers and the like, the battery level is a good touch and it performs better than the Wahl one that I tried, the warranty is great as well but I hope that I will not have to use it.

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