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NURSAL Handheld Percussion Electric Massager


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  • 4 INTERCHANGEABLE NODES: This handheld massager meets all your massaging needs whether it??s for the feet, calves, thighs, back, waist, buttocks, arms or hands.
  • PROMOTES BLOOD CIRCULATION & WEIGHT LOSS: It promotes blood circulation that, in turn, increases your metabolism. Through a reasonable number of massages, it burns deep fat to achieve a weight loss effect.
  • RELIEF FATIGUE & PAIN: The deep-tissue percussion therapy massager can relieve muscle tension, knots, spasms, aches and pains. Deep tissue-massage helps in releasing trigger points, relaxing the muscles and gaining a greater range of motion.
  • WIDE RANGE OF VARIABLE SPEED: The massager possesses a wide range of speeds tailored to achieve the effect you desire…every time. Enjoy a relaxing massage at work or at home with this portable massager.
  • A GREAT GIFT: A thoughtful and perfect gift for any worker with arduous tasks and activities which are taxing on the muscles. The percussion massager is ideal for the in-between breaks to make their day more comfortable.



1812 in stock

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This NURSAL massager is ideal for relieving any muscle soreness and fatigue on any part of the body. A perfect way to soothe your body and relieve knots and stiff aching muscles. Also, it can genuinely offer a WEIGHT LOSS benefit.

Who can benefit from a Percussion Massager??
Workers, drivers, chefs, police officers, computer workers, travelers and overweight people can benefit greatly from this type of massager. However, no matter what career you are engaged in, this massager will be loved by all.

What illnesses can be relieved via this massager?

— It promotes blood circulation thus increasing metabolism, in turn relieving fatigue. A reasonable number of massages can burn fat and can also promote gastrointestinal motility to help clean the intestinal tract.
— Additionally, if you suffer from back pain, waist pain, and leg pain or cannot sleep well, all can be relieved by the effects of this massager. It makes a great purchase for elderly people too, who often experience aches and pains of some sort. The intensity of this massager helps to reduce or eliminate the pain.

Why should you choose this massager?
? Multi-use: The four included attachments allow you try out different types of
massages and receive the different benefits they offer.
? Reliable: The advanced design has undergone years of thorough research and
? Portable: It??s lightweight at just 1kg, yet powerful.
? Easy-to-use: Ergonomically designed for your comfort and safety.

The following persons are not suggested to use this product??
1. Pregnant women, people with disabilities or those who have not recovered after
2. Patients with acute diseases or heart disease.
3. People with bone fractures, dislocations or other physical discomfort.

If in any doubt, please consult the advice of a doctor before using the massager.



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