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OXA Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher – 2.5L Blue


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  • WATER REFRESH INSTANTLY WITH OXA ALKALINE WATER FILTER PITCHER – OXA water filter utilizes 7 stage cartridge of ion exchange resin, activated carbon, ion ceramic ball, far infrared ceramic ball, mineral balls and PP pad. This combination aids in removing chlorine, odors, heavy metals. It also removes 90% of zinc, copper, lead and pollutants result in more tasteful and beneficial water.
  • ADVANCED FILTER TECHNOLOGY TO HELP YOU IMPROVE HEALTH & WELLBEING – Water is the most important element in every diet. This OXA Water Pitcher produces water to help restore optimal body pH and maintain healthy living. It removes free radicals and eliminates toxins with powerful ANTIOXIDANTS, and high negative ORP so effectively increase energy level and immune system.
  • ULTRA MAXIMUM FILTER CAPACITY AND COST EFFECTIVE – We supply TWO long-life filters! = 2400 cups / 153 gallons / 600 litres. With the 2.5L large capacity, it’s convenient for home using and out door using. It is ideal for cooking healthy food; rice becomes softer and more delicious; fuli flavor and better tasting of tea and coffee.
  • MODERN & “FIT FOR REFRIGERATOR” DESIGN – The Pitcher comes equipped with a simple and convenient easy-fill lid to allow you to fill the reservoir without removing the cover. OXA Pitcher is especially design for refrigerator. Easy pour spout ensures the perfect pour with no mess and our ergonomic handle ensures comfort during every use.
  • 100% RELIABLE – PREMIUM ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS – This filter has been certified by well-known international certification SGS, BPA FREE material, TUV, RoHS, BSI, ISO 9001:2000. No intermediates, no risks. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – WE OFFER A 100% SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARANTE.

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Two Long-life Filters

More than 60% of the US has hard water. OXA cartridges are designed to reduce the limescale present in tap water, as well as chlorine and other impurities.

OXA Water Filter Pitcher

OXA 10 Cup Water Pitcher with 2x 60-Day Filters – BPA Free, 4 Month Pack

OXA water filter pitcher — holds enough water for the whole family to enjoy. The BPA-free filter reduces chlorine taste and odor, zinc, copper, mercury and cadmium, often found in tap water.

  • Fits in the fridge and dishwasher-safe
  • With 1.5 L filtered water capacity and 2.5 L total capacity
  • Filter reminder notifies you when to replace filter cartridge

Great Tasting Food & Drink

OXA water filters enhance the visual appearance of tea or coffee by reducing limescale, as well as the taste and smell of chlorine and other organic impurities.

Limescale Reduction

Use OXA filtered water in your kettle or coffee machine to avoid build-up of limescale.

Recyclable & Cost Effective

Enjoy OXA-filtered water for just a few pence per litre.

Product description


Good tasting water offered by OXA Smart Alkaline Water Pitcher which brings you healthier life. Why use a OXA Smart Water filter Pitcher? Clean water: OXA Smart Alkaline Water Pitcher can reduces water molecule size to create more absorbable water and increase hydration. Also removes color, odor & organic & non-organic matter including sand, silt & algae, and adds healthy minerals such as selenium & calcium.. Health water: By reducing acidity & inflammation we can reduce & prevent disease. Removing heavy metals, arsenic, lead, chemicals, chlorine, chloramine, & fluoride, we detoxify, while increasing antioxidants & essential mineral uptake such as zinc & calcium. Increases active hydrogen. Increases the alkalinity to make your drinking water more vital. Environmental friendly: By switching from bottled water to OXA Smart filtered water, you’ll making thousands of plastic water bottles disappear. Scientific design: Comfort-grip handle design. Pour spout cover prevents odors and particulates from getting into your clean water. And space-saving design fits easily in a refrigerator. Slim enough to fit easily in most refrigerator doors.BPA free, and All OXA Smart pitchers and filters are recyclable.



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9 reviews for OXA Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher – 2.5L Blue

  1. Alton25

    Really liking this pitcher, will buy again rather than buying extra replacer filters. Good flavor, ph tested after months is still above 8

  2. S.H.Y 26

    I love this Alkaline Filter/Pitcher! I didn’t know I needed it until I bought it! Now I can’t see living without it. The water tastes better than my refrigerator filtered water (I didn’t think that was possible) and better than some bottled water – the taste is much better than water with my alkaline drops. I know the filter is working because I have to “go” more than I usually do (guess that’s all of that extra hydration). I love that it came with exact instructions (which I followed). The lid works well and the pitcher pours well. I wish I knew about this earlier.

  3. Meghan

    The quality of the water that comes out of this pitcher is very good. The Alkaline feature has helped me greatly with my acid reflux, to the point where most nights I no longer even need to take antacids. This pitcher has probably paid for itself in the antacid medications I haven’t needed to buy much anymore alone.

  4. Clarissa

    Excellent ergonomic design. Tasted the difference in the Philly city water right away. Life changing. Great product

  5. Douglas

    Works perfectly in my apartment, fits well in my fridge!

  6. Rolando Simpson

    Excellent water filtration unit, works as advertised. So far I love it, and I don’t find any reason not to recommend this pitcher to anyone, looking for a portable solution to filtered drinking water. I’m using my unit very frequently, filling up several times per day, yet the filter still able to meet the heavy demand.

  7. Mandy

    This thing rocks! Makes my nasty tap water taste great as well as fixing my pH levels. Win win!

    As other reviewers have noted it could pour out better but if you push on the top right above the handle, it will come out perfectly.

    Otherwise it’s super easy to use and works great.

  8. Rodriquez63

    Pretty small in size, but it works well! I live in California and the tap water is absolutely terrible. But with this filter, the water finally tastes great. Im glad i bought this, but i wish the pitcher was bigger (i can finish this whole pitcher in an hour).I hope you come out with a larger version so i can buy that one.

  9. Rickey Moss

    Five stars!!!!!! I’ve had on and off bad acid reflux for years. I’ve tried medication which fixed it for 6 months, then only 3 months. Finally the last packet only stopped the acid reflux for a week. I cut out all drinks and was only drinking filtered fridge tap water. Still no improvement. Finally saw the super expensive bottles of high PH water. I noticed a slight difference immediately but at $5 a day it was too much. That’s when I searched Amazon and found this filter. The water tastes the same but feels silky smooth. I use a GE expensive filter on the fridge already and just use this pitcher for the PH balance. After 3 weeks my acid reflux is gone entirely. I’m not overweight so I blame the Las Vegas tap water. This pitcher has solved all my problems. Thank you so much.

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