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OXA Hoverboard – UL2272 Certified Self Balancing Scooter with Bluetooth Speaker and Headlights

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  • ★ 15°-30°Climb,SMOOTH RIDES
  • ★ 6.5″ high quality rubber tires, non-slip and shock-absorbing pedals, can travel through mud, grass, rain, and even gravel in safety
  • Only 3-hour charging time,it brings you a max range of 15-17km
  • Weight-bearing ranges from 44lb to 330 lb
  • ★ SELF BALANCING CONTROL SYSTEM – Full of technology and easy to learn. 36V/2.0Ah Li-ion batteries, dual 350 watt hub motors,quick charging and longer using time. Maximum speed can be up to15km/h , enjoy the speed and free yourself completely.

681 in stock


oxa keep hovering



Even if you’re a child who doesn’t dare to try a provocative sport, the self-balance mode will make it easy for you.If you’re willing to experiment with special effects, the non-self-balance mode will give you a Feeling of Spurt.


The UL2272 certification is the industry’s highest electrical safety standards. Our strict quality control makes it ideal for everyday’s use for endless fun without potential fire hazards!


Different from the traditional spliced mainboard scooter, this OXA 6.5″ self-balance scooter is made by complete aluminum alloy mainboard which can withstand stronger impact, and the maximum bearing capacity is up to 330 pounds. Test results show that it can bear the rolling of the car.


Professional built-in gyroscope and acceleration sensor ensure to keep balance and extremely smooth ride on hoverboard. It can easily cross steep slopes below 15°and be ridden in all kinds of conditions (in the house, street, puddles, snow, grass, etc.)

Safety tips:

1. Please check carefully if the body is solid enough, if the battery power is sufficient before riding;

2. For safety, please wear protective gear during riding;

3. Please do not ride on the bumpy and slippery road;

4. Do not ride in the motorized Vehicle Lane,and when the hoverboard sounds a low battery alarm;

5. During riding, Please accelerate or decelerate slowly to avoid falling down;

6. Under the self-balancing mode, please be sure to turn off the power before pick up the scooter.

perfect gift idea

OXA’s top priority is consumer safety. Our hoverboard is equipped with overheat protection, low-battery protection, weight protection, over-speed protection and slope protection, etc.

INSURED FOR 5 MILLION DOLLARS We’ve purchased product liability insurance from PICC for each scooter. With an insured amount of up to 5 million dollars, you can ride with assurance that you’re protected.

The 3rd generation intelligent control system with double-patented personalized twin mode self-balancing system.

There are two different modes for beginners and experienced users, with different light combinations displaying different operating settings or warnings.

It is almost too easy!



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10 reviews for OXA Hoverboard – UL2272 Certified Self Balancing Scooter with Bluetooth Speaker and Headlights

  1. Adam Simon

    The product was exactly what I expected and performs at a great level. I like my hover board a lot.

  2. Juliet Chen

    I purchased this for my 12-year-old Grandaughter; she loves it. She whizzes around, making tight turns with her hair blowing in the wind. I researched before buying this board and found this one to have the best reviews. I made a great choice. She mastered her balance and was moving around quickly. My Grandson begs to ride it, and he loves it as well. He weighs 180 (older), and it doesn’t encumber the board at all. We have had it over a month, and she rides almost every day. She forgot and left the board outside one night in the rain. The board wasn’t fazed by the rain; it just keeps on going. I’ll try to remember to make a movie of her riding it and add it later if I can. Great Purchase

  3. Mindy

    Great Hoverboard. My grandkids love it. For the price I’m ordering another so they don’t have to wait for their “turn”

  4. akira nori

    Buy with Confidence on service and a great unique board for children and adults.

  5. leonard law


  6. Jack Chu

    This is a nice hoverboard (self-balancing scooter) and it is UL2271 certified (battery); UL2272 certified (whole unit). It’s important to check certification for own safety as older/cheaper hoverboards usually aren’t certified. It supports max weight up to 330lb, which is enough for most adults and have a max rage of around 10.5 miles per charge. Top speed is up to 7.5mph and it takes about 3 hours to fully charge the unit. The unit is IP54 water-resistant rated so it’s pretty easy to clean. There are LED lights on one side of the hoverboard which work well as safety night at night. The on-board light sensor will turn the light ON/OFF base on surrounding light condition.

  7. Twinpossible

    SO FAR MY TWINS LOVE THESE! MUCH safer than my 12 year old’s board. It doesn’t throw you off the way hers does and it cost $500!!! (hers), and we all got hurt. And it’s easy for even mom to manuever. It doesn’t need to be really tiled, not nearly as much as other models, to go the way you wish to go. I got hurt on the other one, this one is controllable and safe for younger children and older ones alike. They just didn’t have this when we bought our daughter’s expensive Razor. The pads holding up long-term is the only concern we have.. actually my husband. I don’t really know why, he says they seem a bit cheap, but he’s comparing it to an almost $500 one, but it is MUCH safer for children of all ages, and it runs a LONG time on a single charge and when you get off you do not get a crazy out of control board looking to run you over like my eldest’s one. My just turned 8 year olds are happy with their new gift and plan to take them outside today! A+ SO FAR! The price is right too!

  8. Tom

    This is a uniquely designed solid board. I own several boards and ride them constantly throughout the day as a middle school teacher. This is the only board I bring home on the weekends for my 3 year old to also enjoy. Any other board would not recognize her weight. It is so easy to master that she can ride circles around experienced riders on other boards. The company is the most concerned with getting a good rating that I’ve experienced. 8 months after purchase they reached out to me to address a concern I posted and made it right. Buy with confidence from them!

  9. Kevin F

    Got this for my kids for Christmas so naturally I had to take it for a test run before wrapping it up. This thing is FUN. I can see us fighting over it after Christmas, lol. I’m 6 foot, 205 pounds, and it zoomed me away with no issue. It feels incredibly sturdy. I accidentally rode up a curb and it stabilized and didn’t throw me in the street which I was thankful for. The lights are cool and it charged quick enough for us to test it out for a bit. I’ll update more one the kids get on it in a few weeks. That is, if let them have it. =P

  10. Queeen

    So amazingly fun! I too jumped on the trend and am having a blast with this. When it first arrived it came in a huge box! Nicely packaged. I took it out and the color is a beauitful purple. Right away the materials look well made and put together well. It came pre-charged but I put it on the charger right away anyways. The charging port is easy to plug in and goes right into the wall outlet. The board itself has taillights all across the back and and escalating green and red lights on the top indicating the charge of the board. One push of the button on top turns the board on and off. It also turns itself off after a few minutes of no use. I can’t wait to take it outside when it gets warmer. Until then we have had a lot of fun in the house! I also want to mention the weight limit. It has a limit of like 315lbs which is awesome so even a bigger adult can use this as well! Not a lot of the other boards have such a high weight limit. It is very sturdy even with a heavier person on there.

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