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SPACEKEY Mini Portable Projector Support 1080PWhite


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??Multimedia Projector??This all-new, 1800-lumen home theater LED projector supports 1080p resolution and includes HDMI, VGA and AV output, as well as USB and SD slots (Max. 32GB) for the advantage of being able to project videos from multiple sources
??Picture Perfect?? This movie projector connects you to a world of entertainment that produces brighter and sharper images than any comparable projector on the market. What’s more, the high-definition projection offers vibrant colors and detailed contrast. Whilst you??ll achieve awesome pictures for home entertainment with this projector, we do not recommend it for PPT or business presentation use.
??Enjoy an Ultra-big Screen??Enjoying a big screen experience in the comfort of your own home couldn??t be simpler ?C Just connect this mini projector directly to your Amazon Fire TV Stick, XBOX games console, TV Box or PC. Enjoy watching thousands of movies, games and videos in big screen style. PLEASE NOTE: A Wi-Fi display dongle (NOT INCLUDED) is required to connect the projector with smartphones and tablets.
??Optimized Cooling Efficiency?? This Spacekey mini projector is equipped with an exclusive cooling system and premium circuit design that provides very efficient heat dispersion, and thanks to continued improvements in development, the cooling fan noise has been reduced by half.
??A Worthwhile Purchase and #1 Support?? Along with the projector, you get our worry-free 3-year warranty. As well as this, #1-rated customer service & professional technical support is available should you need it.



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Finding a Projector with the Right Features and Performance for Your Needs.

Widely Used and Affordable
The Spacekey range of projectors is professionally designed for home entertainment, video projection and game play.

Native Image Quality?
Our projectors have a brightness of 1800 lumens and support 1080p resolution, providing you with both brighter and sharper video, and still images.

The Ease of Portability
Made of premium lightweight materials and being portable in size, taking this projector with you to a friend’s house for serious game play or to watch your favorite flick is easy!

Multi-function Interface
Integrated with VGA, AV and HDMI ports, the Spackey projector lets you project from Android-based devices such as Amazon Fire TV, and you can enjoy thousands of movies from
online sources on a big screen. What??s more, featuring two USB ports and an SD card slot allows you to play content from your own storage devices, anywhere.

Warm Tips:
1. As this is a home entertainment projector only, we do not recommend it for PPT use or business presentations.
2. Better results will be achieved in a dark room.
3. A Wi-Fi display dongle (not included) is required to connect the projector with smartphones and tablets.
4. This projector can’t play videos with Dolby sound.
5. Please match the projector’s native resolution to the resolution you expect to use most often,
whether you’re planning on connecting to a computer, video equipment, game box, or some combination of the three.

Display Technology: LCD
Light Source: LED
Contrast: 1000:1
Native Resolution: 800×480 pixels
Supported Resolutions: 1080p/720p/480p
Keystone: 15 degree manual keystone correction
Input: VGA/USB/HDMI/SD (Max. 32GB)/AV/3.5mm audio jack
Projector dimensions: 8.2 X 6.7 X 3 inches

3 reviews for SPACEKEY Mini Portable Projector Support 1080PWhite

  1. Ellis23

    The projector was easy to setup. I have used it with a USB drive and Fire TV stick so far. It worked well with both. The picture quality was pretty good and focused easily. As with most value projects, viewing in as dark room or area as possible provides the best picture The internal speaker was better than I expected, but I’ll use external speakers when I’m watching TV / Movies.

  2. Celia Grant

    It’s not bad at all for the price. I wish I could find the correct mounting bracket. I have bought 2 universal mounts for it and neither of them worked. Overall nice picture easy to carry around and decent sound.

  3. rakesh

    It is what I thought. Still looking for an adult use. Kids love it in a dark dark room for games.

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