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TENKER N6039 shoulder massager(Black/Gray)

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  • 【Cordless & Rechargeable】–The internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers you about 1.5 hours of wireless massage experience without struggling with the cable’s mess-up.
  • 【Portable & Exquisite Handbag】–An exquisite, in vogue portable and gorgeous handbag preserves the device after you enjoy it or every time you take it outdoors.
  • 【Deep Kneading & Secure Heat Function】–This deep kneading shiatsu massager with heat helps to relax and loosen the tight muscles. The mild heat option gives comfort to the tired muscles (30-35℃)more effectively.
  • 【4Kneading Rollers&Premium PU Leather】–4 deep-kneading shiatsu massage heads, Premium breathable mesh and PU leather provide you a massage that mimic a human massage. In addition to this, you can change the direction as you like.
  • 【Speed & Direction Control】–Three different speeds of high, medium or low allow controlling the intensity of the massage while the automatic reverse feature changes the massage direction every few minutes for a better distribution of the massage effects.

Out of stock


Massage Supplies

Sedentary office Staff

Nowadays people are under great pressure,especially for sedentary staff in the office sitting in front of computer all day.This product greatly promotes blood circulation and provide effective relief.Come and get your personal relaxation during the breaks. It will refresh you too.

The elederly

For elederly who has problem with sleeping,use our device to relieve stress and muscle tension for your body,by lying on a sofa or a bed,you could enjoy a full back shiatsu kneading massage,which will help a lot to promote your sleeping quality.

Long-distance driver

Long time driving may cause great tensions in your neck and back,it will help you relief your neck, shoulder, back, buttocks, thighs, or any other areas you want to. It’s very helpful in relieving muscle pains, knots, and muscle tension.



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4 reviews for TENKER N6039 shoulder massager(Black/Gray)

  1. Jane09

    Bought this massager to relieve neck and shoulder soreness due to studying at a desk without much exercise the past few months. It has been great to use at the end of the day. The first time I used it, I involuntarily made sounds that were somewhat embarrassing. The kneading action reminded me of massage services I have used in the past.

    This device is great at relieving some tension headaches that I had started to develop. (Apparently stiff shoulders can cause tension headaches.) Although not a substitute for exercise, I highly recommend it for soreness in the back, shoulders and neck.

  2. Kim

    This is good quality massager. the rollers got good enough power to turn even when lot of lot is put on them. The default program runs the massage at different speeds and direction of rotation. This is good when you want different level of relaxation. It also allows to control the speed at two level for contsant speed. The direction can also be changed. The controls are located at convenient location. This one can also be used for massaging calves and lower back. overall good purchase.

  3. Ella Browne

    A nice item and price.The massager is big and pretty heavy.At first it felt like it hurt the back of my neck but I guess I had it too high on my neck.Once adjusted it was feeling awesome.As with any massager you have to adjust where and how to use it per person.It did come with everything stated in the ad.I love the fact it has a nice carrying bag.The power cord was long and it has a adapter for a car lighter.Clear instructions as well.I really love it but my only downside is I wish it had more heat or a setting for more heat.hats just my opinion.I love heat lol.It does massage well and is very quiet to operate.Just a little humming sound.I am happy I got this item.

  4. scott

    So my roomie asks me how come I don’t use the neck massager I just had to have…and I respond that it worked so well at removing the kinks in my back, neck and arm that not only do I not need it but I dont use my TENS unit either. I even used it on my foot when I had a cramp and it worked that out too! Must have!!! Get for friends too!

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